Concentra Urgent Care – Is It Right For You?

Concentra Urgent Care

Concentra Urgent Care

If you’ve been searching for local urgent care, you may have come across Concentra urgent care. This article will walk you through their services, locations, payment options, and possible class action lawsuits. If you have been to Concentra urgent care, read on to learn more about the company’s reputation. Read on to discover whether it’s right for you. The company has been accused of denying patients medical care in the past.


If you’re in need of urgent care services, you can visit one of the Concentra Urgent Care centers. These centers operate as part of a medical group known as US Health works. With over 295 locations in the U.S., there’s sure to be one near you. In addition to basic medical care, Concentra also offers occupational and physical therapy, travel health, and health wellness. Whether you’re an employer looking for an urgent care center in Spokane or a family member in need of an ER, Concentra Urgent Care centers can provide the care you need.

Most of these clinics offer the same types of services as other urgent care centers. These facilities are primarily located on the East Coast, but they are available in almost every state. In fact, Concentra is responsible for treating nearly one in six workplace injuries in the U.S. This number is growing fast as workers become more mobile. Because most of its locations are open around the clock, workers can visit their closest one when they’re in need of urgent care. In addition to routine medical care, Concentra also offers immunizations and tests for schools.


If you are looking for an urgent care facility in San Jose, consider Concentra. They are part of the US Health works network, which has 169 locations across the country. You can find the closest clinic by visiting their website or calling (408) 348-7331. If you’re unsure of your insurance coverage, contact the clinic’s customer service department to determine which plan you’ll need. They also accept most major insurance policies, including Anthem and United Healthcare.

While the Urgent Care Centers can handle a number of health concerns, you should still visit your primary care provider for routine care. Not only will they be able to treat acute conditions, but they can also provide ongoing health care, such as preventative medicine and physical therapy. A primary care provider can also discuss health screenings and monitor medication. By establishing a relationship with your primary care provider, you’ll have a point of reference in case you need to make a follow-up appointment. Additionally, they will share your electronic records with your primary care provider so that they already know about your condition and treatment plan.

Payment options

You may have heard that Concentra has several payment options for its urgent care services. With online bill payment, you can pay your Concentra bills with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. To make your bill payment even easier, you can use the Concentra HUB, a self-service online tool that is available 24 hours a day. Besides paying your bills, you can also submit your authorizations, work-related injury claims, and test results online.

The x-ray and basic metabolic panel are available at Concentra, and they accept most insurances. You should check with your insurance company to find out how much your deductible or copay will be. If you have insurance, you can use your Sharp Account to pay your bills and get price estimates. This service allows you to get the care you need today, and follow your health. It’s a win-win situation for you and the doctors!

Class action lawsuit

A woman is pursuing a Class Action lawsuit against Concentra Urgent Care after she claims that she was wrongfully injected with a needle that punctured her hand. The plaintiff, Kimberly Spann, is profoundly deaf and was taken to Concentra Medical Clinic in Norwich, Connecticut, for physical therapy after sustaining a work-related injury. The clinic’s phlebotomist failed to draw her blood properly and spewed the blood in her hand. The complaint claims that despite her pain, she was still injected with a varicella vaccine and had her hand and arm swollen.

Despite the lawsuits against Concentra, the company has managed to settle the case in a single case. In Ulrich v. Concentra Health Services Inc., a plaintiff claimed that doctors at Concentra had negligently misdiagnosed her injury, which was later diagnosed as a ruptured bicep. The case was initially filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court but was quickly removed to Federal Court on the basis of diversity jurisdiction. The lawsuit was settled in December 2015.

Class action lawsuit against Concentra urgent care

Concentra is a health care provider with a nationwide network of urgent care centers. Founded in 1979 in Amarillo, Texas, the company is headquartered in Addison, Texas. Its urgent care centers operate in 44 states with more than 1,000 physicians and physical therapists affiliated with it. The company also offers health improvement solutions for employers through its network of more than 100 employer-onsite medical facilities. The plaintiffs in the case are Ms. Gianzero and Ms. Jensen, who both attended Concentra urgent care centers in the Baltimore area, and are now named as plaintiffs in a Colorado class-action lawsuit. Neither plaintiff could be reached for comment and attorneys for the two women declined to make themselves available for interviews. However, one former doctor at Concentra, Darrel K. Quick, has also defended the company. For more information Please Visit This Site.

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