Love’s Travel Stop in Bliss, Idaho

Love's Travel Stop

Love's Travel Stop

Have you ever wondered what the loves travel stop in Bliss, Idaho is all about? If not, this article will give you a quick overview of the gas station and truck stop. Read on to discover what makes this store stand out from the rest. Then, you can decide whether it is right for you! Located in a rural area, the store offers many essential necessities for travelers on the road, including fresh produce, sandwiches, and coffee.

Love’s Travel Stop

A loves travel stop is a place where customers can buy gasoline, eat fast food, or simply relax. Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc. opened its first location in 1964 and now has over 550 locations in 41 states. These locations offer more than just gas and food; they also have a bathroom and access to the Internet. Founded by Tom and Judy Love, the company is one of the largest privately held companies in the country.

In 1981, Love’s Country Stores reached 100 locations and changed their decor to a brighter theme. The company opened its first Love’s Travel Stop on Interstate 40 in Amarillo, Texas, and later expanded its service to include diesel fuel. The business continues to grow with new conveniences for the motoring public and professional drivers. Love’s Travel Stop & Country Stores has a diverse selection of stores for travelers.

Love’s Country Store

A Love’s Country Store is a classic example of Americana. Tom Love, the founder, and the owner started the company in 1964. He started with a single service station in Oklahoma, and the concept quickly spread. Now, Love’s operates over 290 locations in 39 states, including Oklahoma and Texas. In addition to selling food, merchandise, and gasoline, the company provides truck parking facilities and roadside assistance.

In 1978, Love’s Country Stores, Inc., was founded and has over 530 locations in 41 states. Love’s Travel Stops offer truck and RV drivers a full array of services, including heavy-duty tire repair, roadside assistance, and truck parts. By the 1980s, Love’s began to focus on interstate locations. The company opened the first Travel Stop in Amarillo, Texas, and by the end of that year, it was operating in five states.

Love’s gas station

Tom Love, founder and executive chairman of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, was a pioneer in highway hospitality. While most gas stations are focused on motor fuel, his ventures included food items, electronics, truck parking facilities, and hotels on-site. This is a classic American story. It begins in a small town in western Oklahoma. Tom Love’s father was a corporate executive for petrochemical giant Kerr-McGee Corporation.

In the early 1990s, Love’s opened 125 convenience stores and 70 truck stops across Oklahoma. It had approximately 2,000 employees, and in 1991, Love’s was named Corporation of the Year by the local chapter of Sales and Marketing Executives International. The company’s success led to the formation of Love’s Travel Centers, which has a presence in more than 50 states and is now a leading travel destination.

Love’s truck stop

With over 550 locations in 41 states, Loves Travel Stop has a wide range of services that go beyond the typical convenience store experience. Many Love’s locations also have chain restaurants, tire and maintenance services, and even RV and recreational vehicle overnight parking. Love’s has also expanded into the Midwest and Mountain West. The company has over 28,000 employees. A manager at a Love’s location can earn up to $60,000 a year.

Proponents of the project note the positive economic impact of adding the truck stop. They say the development would add at least 100 construction jobs and create 43 full-time jobs once the truck stop opens. However, a recent negative declaration from the state’s environmental quality review process is a setback. Despite the recent pushback, the Love’s Truck Stop developers are still working on a host community agreement. They are currently negotiating with the town board and will return to the county IDA once the host community agreement is finalized.


Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Inc. recently announced plans to open 40 new locations and add 3,000 truck parking spaces to its network. The company has been actively adding locations throughout the U.S., including several new truck stop locations. In 2018, the company opened its 500th location and raised more than $3 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. As of March 8, there are now 68 Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores in Texas. The company also has a growing business in interstate hotels.

The chain has been a popular travel destination for decades. Love’s has locations throughout the country, and its vast range of services goes beyond typical convenience stores. Many locations feature chain restaurants, tire and maintenance services, dog parks, and even overnight accommodations for recreational vehicles. Each Love’s Travel Stop is unique and offers many different store designs to fit the needs of the community and anticipate high traffic volumes. This allows Love’s Travel Stops to offer a full range of services to meet the needs of its customers.


To get an inside look at Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores employees, you can use the Zippia employee database. Zippia collects employee data from a variety of sources, including employee surveys, internal databases, personal records, and other data. The company pays an average salary of $51,458, and the top 10% of employees earn more than $93,560 a year. Read on to learn more about this fast-growing company and its employees.

To expand its services and appeal to truckers, Love’s has partnered with other food companies. In 1993, Love’s opened its first triple-branded location with Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Subway. Today, Love’s operates nearly 300 travel stops and 160 truck tire care centers across 41 states. The stores provide 24-hour roadside assistance, heavy-duty tire repair, and mechanical services. Love’s travel stops offer employees a variety of benefits, including laundry and shower facilities, game rooms, and mail drops. For Further updates please Visit This Site.

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