The strange world of Jack

The strange world of Jack

In 1993, the movie “El extrao mundo de Jack” made its theatrical debut. This movie is based on the famous novel of the same name by Tim Burton and was directed by Henry Selick. The movie received numerous awards including an Oscar for best special effects, the Globo de Oro, and a number of other accolades. It still holds a special place in many hearts of people of all ages.

el Rey de Halloween

Tim Burton wanted to make a Halloween special. He opted for Jack Skellington (aka El Rey de Halloween) as the protagonist of the film. He’s also known as “El Rey Calabaza” in the town of Halloween Town. Unlike his other Disney characters, he has no Disney franquicias or merchandising. His most memorable and iconic role in the movie is that of Jack Skellington, the Halloween town king.

In the movie, Jack Skellington, the heart of Halloween, discovers a mysterious door in the city of Navidad and decides to make it a better place. While working to make the city more beautiful, he snares Santa Claus and orders his staff to get to work on a new project. When his misguided sister Sally finds out, she helps Jack realize that he’s made a mistake.

Jack is aided by Zero, his pet dog who helps him navigate his trineo through the night. Meanwhile, the villainous Doctor Flinkestein creates Sally, a trap girl who tries to teach Jack a lesson. The villain, however, is Jack’s own mother. El rey de Halloween continues to be a popular film in Spain, as it was in the United States.

The cast of El Rey de Halloween is a diverse bunch. Danny Elfman, who created the film’s score, is a frequent collaborator with Burton and Shadix, as well as the film’s star Glenn Shadix. In addition to the Alcalde, there are other familiar names from the Halloween genre, such as Ken Page as the evil Santa Claus, Ed Ivory as the evil Count, and Ed Ivory as the creepy Alcalde.


In El Extra Mundo de Jack, Sally is a character made up of several women’s bodies. It is suggested that Sally may be the first victim of desmembramiento. In several scenes, Sally has lost her limbs, but she is able to fix them with an aqua or Hilo. The Alcalde is another comical character in the movie.

The film is set in a calabaza. Sally is an attractive trap who falls for Jack. Oogie Boogie, Jack’s assistant, is an obsessive-compulsive ludopath. She also possesses premonitions when something bad is about to happen. Elfman is also the voice of Zero. The film also stars Catherine O’Hara and William Hickey.

The characters are very colorful. The costumes are made by Sally. The bola de Ocho is large, and Oogie Boogie launches the dice. There are Calaveras on the dice, representing the phrase “a merry Christmas”. In one scene, Jack is performing his Christmas show and is confronted by a bruja. In response to her question, she lifts her sombrero, revealing the next bruja.

“El Extrano Mundo de Jack” was released in 1993. The film is best known as “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in the English language. It was directed by Henry Selick and produced by Tim Burton. It is still regarded as a classic cult film. The movie was a box office hit when it was first released, and its popularity grew exponentially once it was re-released on television.

The plot follows the events of Halloweentown during the time of juguetes. During this time, Jack takes a trineo-ataud containing juguetes and wishes to the world. Jack then returns to Halloweentown, where he meets Santa Claus, who restores the Christmas season in real life. During this time, Sally tries to rescather Santa Claus, but ends up being captured by an ogre.

Doctor Finklestein

In the third installment of the Super Mario Bros. series, the character of Dr. Finkelstein makes an appearance. He is a scientist who is given the task of building a reindeer by Jack. He cites the Frankenstein line while constructing the reindeer and awards the scientist Igor Bone Biscuit with a set of plans. The reindeer he creates is not real, but it comes to life when Finklestein applies electricity to it. After this, Finklestein falls on a table where he is polishing a human skull.

In the original story, only Zero, Jack, and Santa Claus are named. The rest are merely mentioned in the Brazos. The movie also features the character of Dr. Finklestein, who was not originally a part of the novel. The original novel is about the joy of Christmas but mentions Jack’s infelicity in passing. In the movie, however, Dr. Finklestein is a major character.

Oogie Boogie’s allies

In the movie, Finklestein, an overprotective father figure, takes full responsibility for his creations. In fact, he disowns them as soon as they are completed. The only way to stop him is to make him a real father figure. In the second part, Jack has to fight the ally of his nemesis, Oogie Boogie, who wants to turn Halloween into the “day of the insects”. The only way to do this is by defeating Oogie’s plan. In addition, he has to dance and sing against Oogie Boogie’s allies, and he has to change his costume in real-time.

The third installment is a fantasy film that depicts a Christmas-themed world. The premise of the series is that a young boy named Jack is an orphan who lives in a house filled with lights. A mysterious man named Sally warns him of the impending disasters. The story also introduces Jack’s new friend, Zero. Jack is a charming and charismatic character, but his friends don’t quite understand the holiday.

Sally’s eternal love

Tim Burton’s classic Halloween movie, El extra Mundo de Jack, has been given the musical treatment in the form of a stage production. The movie features many themes, and one of them is Halloween. But don’t let that fool you. The film is not all about Halloween, but it does have a message for the holiday. It’s not scary, but it’s also not a happy one.

Aside from her iconic costume, Caitlin Christine has a new role as Sally in the movie. Her cosplay of Sally, played by Caitlin Christine, will make the audience swoon. Her performance at the Met Gala will be a highlight, but her work doesn’t stop there. She also appeared in the 007 films, No Time to Die. The actress will sing the song “Sally” from El extrao mundo de Jack.

Halloween Town

The Halloweentown pumpkin king, Jack Skellington, has grown bored with his annual ritual of scaring people and decides to venture into the “other world” to find an opportunity to take over Santa Claus’ position. But Jack’s plan goes awry when he accidentally stumbles upon Christmastown. Having no reason to be scared, Jack plans to take over as Santa Claus and steal all of the candy and toys.

After the events of Halloween Town, the movie shows a different side of Jack. His new friends are Halloween Town’s alderman, who is a fan of Shakespearean tragedies. In the same way, Halloween Town is full of Calabasas and attitudes, the typical Halloween decorations. In the meantime, Jack must convince Sally to leave the town to help him bring Christmas cheer to Halloween Town.

The film has been a hit ever since it came out. Tim Burton had been writing and performing original music for over twenty-four years when he first came up with the idea for the film. He had observed Halloween decorations being mixed in with Christmas decorations and decided to turn the idea into a movie. Disney, which is owned by Touchstone Pictures, decided that it was too dark to air on TV. However, this did not stop his dreams of making the movie.


The story begins when Jack returns to Halloweentown. He presents a new plan to the residents of the town and introduces artifacts from the Pueblo de Navidad. Although Halloweentown is full of scary monsters, it is also full of holiday cheer.El extrao mundo de Jack sprite is evident, but his plans are thwarted by the love of his life, Sally. Click Here.

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