The Rapid Growth of Black Rock Coffee Bar

The Rapid Growth of Black Rock Coffee Bar

The Rapid Growth of Black Rock Coffee Bar

The rapid growth of Black Rock Coffee Bar is nothing short of remarkable. In an economic depression, the coffee bar chain has managed to open 15-20 new locations in as many years. The business now plans to open another micro-roasting plant in Arizona to supply its surrounding locations with fresh beans. During the recession, the company has grown by nearly 50%, which is truly impressive. The rapid growth of the company is a testament to its innovative ideas and commitment to employee satisfaction.


A successful coffee shop is a vital part of any community, and Black Rock Coffee Bar, a Seattle coffee chain, is committed to doing just that. The company offers a wide range of coffee products and also sells beans online. It puts community, environment, and employee welfare at the forefront of everything it does. When their existing text-based maintenance system proved insufficient, they decided to switch to UpKeep’s mobile-first solution. After implementing UpKeep in one of its Portland coffee shops, they’ve seen great improvements in their productivity, communication, and asset history.

UpKeep provides management with information on the status of maintenance work orders across all locations. Store managers can log in to view outstanding work orders and see how long they take to complete them. This feature is especially helpful in older buildings, as it keeps everything in one place, making it easy for managers to compare work orders across all locations. UpKeep also helps company executives and managers track work orders across locations, ensuring they’re always up to date.

The Portland-based chain recently opened its 20th location in Tucson. The new store will be about a mile from the University of Arizona. It will employ up to 25 people. The company was recently named one of the fastest-growing private companies in Portland. In fact, there are now 94 locations throughout seven states. Black Rock is looking to hire new employees to fill the positions. Applicants should be friendly and polite. If you’re interested, check out the company’s social media sites and apply for a position that interests you.


Seven shifts at Black Rock Coffee Bar automate the scheduling process, saving managers time and effort. Before implementing 7shifts, managers at Black Rock Coffee spent two hours a week building schedules and communicating with employees via text messages. With 7shifts, the entire process is automated, and managers can focus on the business’s growth instead of managing employees. For this reason, 7shifts has won the trust of Black Rock Coffee managers and employees alike.

The time management and scheduling software feature integrated time clocking and advanced reporting. The 7shifts mobile app enables managers to manage employee schedules and time off requests while empowering employees with scheduling control. The platform saves managers time by automating these processes and providing detailed analytics. Employees also receive a digital record that looks similar to a resume. These are all positive aspects for owners and staff alike. It also eliminates last-minute phone calls and shift swaps and makes life easier for managers.

Company conditions

Another positive aspect of the 7shifts at Black Rock Coffee Bar system is its ability to run variance reports. Using the software, managers can compare scheduled labor to actual labor to ensure that they are utilizing the right amount of labor for the job. The company also plans to expand by 20 locations in 2017 and has a micro-roasting facility in Arizona to supply all of its locations with fresh beans. The rapid growth of the company is impressive, especially considering the challenging economic conditions.

By automating employee scheduling, 7shifts helps restaurants save time, simplify communication between staff, and increase profitability. Using the software, managers can optimize the hours of employees, improve employee engagement, and streamline their overall operations. 7shifts also offers advanced workforce management and labor optimization tools for multi-unit restaurant groups. The platform is intuitive and easy to use and is designed to integrate seamlessly into any restaurant business. And with its integrated chat feature, managers can chat with employees while on the go.

Employee franchise program

One contemporary coffee chain is looking to expand its employee franchise program. Interested employees can purchase a 51% share of the company and partner with an outside investor to finance the new location. By owning a franchise, previous employees can help ensure that the company culture is maintained at new locations. The program is open to both new and existing franchisees. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are interested in opening your own business, consider exploring the employee franchise program with Black Rock.

The employee franchise program for Black Rock Coffee is an excellent way to expand the brand. This program allows current employees to open additional Black Rock Coffee stores with a new investor. The new franchisee will be 51 percent owned by former employees and will continue the company ethos and culture. By offering employee-owned franchises, Black Rock can help new businesses flourish and maintain its reputation as a staple of the community. There are many different types of franchise opportunities, including drive-thru and sit-down locations.


The company began in 2008 with three families who had previous experience in construction and the coffee industry. In less than nine years, the coffee chain now has 42 locations across the West Coast and plans to open another fifteen to twenty stores this year. Clay Geyer, a Black Rock employee for two years, is a member of the company’s franchise team. He has worked in the coffee industry for over 12 years and now owns the 33rd location in Troutdale, Oregon.

During the tenure of the employee franchise program, Black Rock changed the terms of its purchase options without the consent of the franchisees. Participants could opt to receive these texts or decline to receive them. By opting into the employee franchise program for Black Rock coffee bar, participants authorize Black Rock to send them promotional and non-commercial text messages. Text messages will cost a participant standard text messaging service, which can be as low as one cent per message.

Mobile first solution

With a mission to improve the community, employees, and customers, Black Rock Coffee Bar prioritizes the environment, community, and people. The company outgrew its text-based maintenance system, so it turned to UpKeep’s mobile-first solution. The mobile-first solution allowed Black Rock Coffee Bar to get started quickly and with minimal maintenance. The mobile app allows employees to submit work orders from anywhere, anytime. Using UpKeep has allowed Black Rock Coffee Bar to see small problems and fix them before they become bigger ones.

The team at Black Rock Coffee Bar was able to leverage the latest innovations to train employees. From advanced brewing technologies to immersive social media campaigns, the company was able to create an eLearning program without compromising its core values. They were able to respond quickly to their needs and implement their new mobile training program in no time. They also appreciate the fact that PlayerLync was able to meet their needs quickly, with very little time.

Company guarantees

The company’s success has been due to its consistent culture. Whether it is serving the customer inside the store or at the drive-thru, the company guarantees that the experience is positive for both groups. Franchisees become fixtures in their communities, giving back to local charities and participating in other community events. The company has two types of stores: sit-down and drive-through. In 2017, the company plans to open up another 15 stores. In addition to this, Black Rock Coffee Bar will open a micro-roasting facility in Arizona to provide fresh beans to the company’s locations. This rapid growth has been a remarkable feat for the coffee chain during a time of economic recession.

As a business with multiple locations, Black Rock had difficulty keeping paper-based training up-to-date and interconnected. They also wanted something that was easy to manage and would allow them to compare work orders from each store. PlayerLync helped them transition smoothly into digital format without any hassles. These are the things that make a company stand out from the rest. A successful mobile training system will give you that edge over the competition and keep you on top of your game.

Cost savings

A Portland, Oregon coffee specialist has developed a chain of retail coffee shops, Black Rock Coffee Bar. They currently have locations in California, Texas, and Washington. The coffee bar chain has plans to expand to more cities in the future, but they have already opened stores in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. The company also plans to expand to Houston, where it plans to open three additional stores. Cost savings at Black Rock Coffee Bar are significant and they can save a great deal of money on every visit.

The chain has a unique mission: to create community-centric stores that can become the center of their community. This means that Black Rock Coffee Bar franchises become fixtures in their communities, where they support local charities. And, as a bonus, they offer a range of store types, from drive-thru locations to sit-only outlets. While the coffee shop offers the same great taste, each location has its own unique personality.

Benefits of Black Rock Restaurant

The benefits of Black Rock Restaurant Rewards are substantial. You can redeem the points and rewards at any time. To redeem your rewards, you must enter your member number or email address. You can redeem rewards up to five times each month. These points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for gift cards, alcohol, or change. And, as a reminder, Black Rock Rewards are valid at all Black Rock Coffee bars and restaurants.

Black Rock Coffee Bar purportedly purchased Nevada franchisees and is now a chain. Franchise agreements have certain requirements that Black Rock must follow. Franchisees must disclose these changes to the FDD, so if there are any, they must include them. If Black Rock does not disclose them in the FDD, they must pay a disproportionate amount. The terms of the franchise agreement can be a determining factor for Black Rock’s profitability. Please Visit This Site.

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