Porchistas Release New Single “Gun Nutz”

Porchistas Release New Single "Gun Nutz"

Porchistas Release New Single "Gun Nutz"

The song “Gun Nutz” was written by Alan Smith and Adam Falzer and produced by Gerry Griffin and Adam Falzer, and mastered by Anthony DeFabritus III. Filming took place on Gooseberry Island in Buzzards Bay, MA, and Porchistas’ Home Studio in Montclair, NJ. The video was edited by Jonathan Riordan. The band’s video received critical acclaim on the Internet.

The Porchistas

New Jersey’s The Porchistas has a long history of biting satire and eclectic music, and the latest single “Gun Nutz” is no different. They have released several politically themed songs, including “Mister Chump” about Donald Trump, and “Ebolabama,” which parodied the racist conspiracy theories that plagued the Obama administration. The track’s title plays on the stereotypical image of gun ownership and features a 70s-style infomercial.

Many gun nuts have a history of being isolated. Their isolation often results in increased gun ownership and paranoia. Unfortunately, the NRA is complicit in this trend, since they claim to be victims of persecution. In other words, they are a victim of their own behavior. Nevertheless, the Porchistas are a minority of the population and deserve our respect.


The NRA has a well-established protocol for media engagement in response to tragedies like Las Vegas. Its executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre, has made the rounds on TV talk shows this weekend to defend the NRA’s view of the Constitution. But the NRA gets it right. Its rhetoric has become increasingly inflammatory. It’s a dangerous and self-defeating myth. Its role in society as a whole is questionable.

We’ve heard a lot about the NRA in recent years, including its position on gun rights for dangerously mentally ill and domestic abusers. However, its latest freakout is a response to rulemaking by the ATF that would prevent misdemeanor domestic abusers from owning guns. In this article, a prominent gun blogger explains the NRA’s tactics.

Weisser is a proponent of gun rights but is critical of the NRA’s role in creating a culture of fear. She argues that the NRA has changed since its early days as a hunting club. But if Weisser is correct, the NRA is gun nuts. In fact, the NRA has become increasingly anti-government since its founding. It has changed and is gun-nuts as a result.

National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association has embraced the open carry movement in Texas. But it also opposes restrictions on all guns. That’s why Open Carry Texas has a statement calling the NRA puppets of Michael Bloomberg and the liberal media. And it wants the state to stop being counter-productive and open to carry. That’s just plain wrong. If you are a gun rights activist, don’t let this NRA statement discourage you.

But the argument over gun ownership is more complicated than nutty. The NRA wants to deny universal background checks, which is the most sensible gun legislation in the country. It says “Don’t like murder. Don’t have a gun.” The reality is far more complicated than that. Nonetheless, it’s an inconvenient truth. The NRA’s efforts to suppress gun ownership have led to an increase in violent crime.

The Second Amendment

It is a curious paradox that the second amendment is referred to as gun nutz by those who don’t understand it. The bill of rights is a document that grants states the power to regulate firearms. In theory, this gives the federal government the power to protect citizens from the tyranny of government. In reality, that isn’t always the case. If the Second Amendment is not interpreted correctly, it could lead to more nutz than it is worth.

The Second Amendment was drafted to prevent tyrannical governments and popular uprisings. The Philadelphia Convention was held in the wake of Shay’s Rebellion, an armed uprising of the elites of the East Coast. Fortunately, the ‘well-regulated militia’ led by General Benjamin Lincoln and financed by Eastern moneybags ended up putting down the rebellion. Today, armed Americans are threatening another rebellion if the government bans assault weapons.

The dividing line between gun nuts and normal gun owners is self-defense. While many gun owners take self-defense for granted, they do not equate responsible gun ownership with self-defense. Rather, responsible gun ownership emphasizes the hope that a person never needs to use a gun to harm another individual. The goal is to keep a gun as a last resort, and not a first resort.

Columbia District Court

The Court’s opinion in District of Columbia vs. Heller radically reinterpreted the original intent of the 2nd Amendment. You can read his dissent here. Justice Stevens, a lifelong Republican, also suggests that a new constitutional amendment be written to regulate firearms. In this case, the Court has rejected the argument that the Second Amendment only protects guns that were invented in the 18th century. In this case, the Second Amendment protects the regulation of firearms and other objects that would have otherwise been prohibited.

There are many contradictory views about guns and the Second Amendment. As I have said before, many people feel that the Second Amendment allows the free market to regulate guns. However, the actual meaning of the Second Amendment is not that straightforward. This Amendment does not specifically mention guns. The text says nothing about guns. Instead, it mentions people. While guns may be considered arms, anything can become an arm. This contradicts the meaning of the amendment.

The dangers of guns

Handling guns requires proper handling techniques. First, never handle a gun when you’re emotional or intoxicated since this could impair your judgment. Second, never shoot guns during a celebration. It’s not only unsafe but generally illegal, as bullets fired into the air can hit objects or people. Third, always aim guns towards the intended target. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s important to remember the basic safety rules.

Moreover, children can find guns in public places, even in their own homes. They can also accidentally find guns in friends’ homes. It is imperative that children know what not to do with guns, and stop what they’re doing immediately if they discover one. In addition, it’s vital to keep your child out of gun-related accidents by keeping a list of safety rules for them to follow.

According to AAP statistics, 1.5 million people in the U.S. were killed by firearms between 1968 and 2017 – from accidental discharge to intentional handling. A quick Google search will yield 148 million results for “gun deaths in the United States,” but most of the information is about the quaint obsession of Americans with guns. This is a big issue, as many children are unintentionally injured or killed by firearms.

Despite the many tragic examples, the reality is much more common. Troubled teens shoot themselves with their older brother’s gun or accidentally kill their friends with daddy’s pistol. Criminals fire stolen weapons, too. These tragedies are not uncommon, and they add up to many more lives. In the long run, a sensible gun owner would embrace new technologies and safeguards. However, there is a limit to how far gun technology can take us.For any Further Information Please Visit This Site.

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