Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

If you are looking for a new indoor entertainment option for your kids, consider visiting Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park in Raleigh. Voted by Shape Magazine as the “Best Gym for Kids in America”, “The Best Place to Take Energetic Kids” and “Best Trampoline Park,” Urban Air is the perfect indoor playground for energetic children. You can also get your kids in the mood for some fun in the sky with the Sky Rider Coaster.

Sky Rider Coaster

If you’re looking for a new indoor trampoline park, look no further than the newly opened Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. The park is just south of Indianapolis and offers a fun kid’s area, climbing walls, and even a Sky Rider, which is like a mini-roller coaster! It even has an arcade! And, what’s more, memberships are available for unlimited visits!

One of the most popular attractions is the Sky Rider Coaster, which offers visitors a thrilling ride over the sky. This roller coaster allows visitors to fly through the air and take off from giant buildings! You might think that the Sky Rider coaster is only for adults, but it’s fun for children of all ages. The park also features an indoor playground, virtual reality, Flip Zone, and Spin Zone bumper cars, as well as a climbing wall and a Warrior Course. There are no age restrictions, and the park also offers delicious food and beverage options.

The Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park are located near trendy Wrigley Field in Chicago. It’s a great place to take your kids to have an unforgettable day. The unique design of the park makes it a popular attraction for families with young kids. There are three trampolines to choose from, including a giant, indoor Sky Rider Coaster. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the Drop-Zone!

A new location of the urban air trampoline and adventure park is opening in Lake Grove on November 16, 2019, at 10 a.m. Admission is free and the first 200 kids in line for the grand opening will receive basic access for a year. The facility is 48,000 square feet, including the Sky Rider Indoor Coaster. Young thrill seekers will have a blast riding this indoor coaster thirty feet off the ground.

Rope Adventure Course

If you love the thrill of a high-stakes obstacle course, try out the ropes course at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. This indoor ropes course is elevated over picnic tables and features climbing and weaving activities. You can also practice your handsprings on the soft wall. A fun and healthy activity for the whole family, this activity is perfect for parties, team outings, and more. To make your experience more exciting, you can try free two-hour tickets!

This indoor Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park boast over 48,000 square feet of space. Kids of all ages will have the time of their lives exploring the different activities offered. There are several trampoline arenas, a ropes course, a climbing wall, and an interactive battle beam. The Urban Air adventure park is a kid’s dream! Whether you’re looking for a family day out or just a day trip, you can find the perfect way to make it an unforgettable experience.

The park also has multiple climbing walls, including a pillar and a chimney. Participants are provided with harnesses that enable them to hang without belaying another person. The locking system can take a while to become used to, but it is safe and effective. It is recommended that children aged 4 and up go on the ropes course. Alternatively, a parent can go with a child to the park to experience it.

While there are no age restrictions at theUrban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park, children under the age of seven should be accompanied by a parent. The park also has a dedicated play area for kids. While it is not suitable for infants, there are certain height restrictions. Ropes course and Warrior Attractions users must be at least 41″ tall. The park uses Hospital Grade disinfectants to ensure safety.

For a truly thrilling experience, visitUrban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. The 37,000-square-foot facility will feature indoor skydiving, a ropes course, climbing walls, and more. It will be located at 260 Bull Hill Lane and is open seven days a week. Admission is free and children can enjoy the fun for a whole year. You can even get free go-karts and bowling with these tickets.

Performance Trampolines

The Performance trampolines for Urban Air trampoline and adventure park can provide a high-intensity workout for your body. Urban Air’s indoor trampoline park includes wall-to-wall, joined trampolines that will help you maximize your physical potential. The park also features a giant skydiving tunnel, climbing walls, a ropes course, and an unlimited virtual reality experience. It’s an excellent indoor recreational venue that is a lot of fun for the whole family.

A park is a great place for birthday parties and family outings. Kids will love the trampoline park’s birthday party packages, and the café serves up fresh drinks for guests. The Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park are a full-service family entertainment center and is an excellent places to host a birthday party, church event, or corporate gathering. The park is safe for all ages and offers a variety of fun physical activities for the entire family.

The ProZone is for experienced adventurers. This Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park offers a variety of core attractions. The ProZone allows users to jump from an elevated platform and bounce back up the wall. Guests can also kick off a wall at the apex of their jump to experience weightlessness. There is even a special toddler area for the little ones. The Jump Start Adventure Park is an ideal indoor trampoline park for families.

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park is a fun place for kids to channel their inner Tigger. The park has three performance trampolines that are perfect for kids and adults. One has a large freestyle area where children and adults can practice their tricks. The other two areas have a Dodgeball area and a toddler play zone. The kids can also have a ball in the Rockin’ Dodge zone.


If you are looking for a fun, family-friendly indoor trampoline park, look no further than Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. This park has it all: wall-to-wall trampoline arenas, performance trampolines, dodgeball courts, slam-dunk tracks, and even an indoor ropes course! Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Parkis the perfect location for a birthday party, church event, or corporate gathering. And while the park’s trampoline areas are designed to challenge the most seasoned of athletes, all ages are welcome at Urban Air. With numerous physical activities for both adults and children, the park also features the TUBES Indoor Playground, Sky Track Indoor Coaster, and Adventure Ropes Course.

The kids’ play area includes climbing walls that range from easy to difficult. Climbers of all skill levels are welcome, and the walls are topped with bricks and bars to help keep them upright. The Park also has an outdoor café where parents can relax while their kids are enjoying the park. The parents’ area has tables, and TVs, as well as free WiFi. Parents can enjoy the park and still have time to relax while watching their kids’ performances.

In addition to the tube playground, the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park also offers a ropes course, zipline, and climbing walls. Each of these activities challenges the balance and agility of participants while being safe at the same time. Another favorite activity is the Slam Dunk Zone and DropZone gymnastics area. And don’t forget the climbing walls! You can also spend the day challenging yourself by completing one of the most challenging challenges on earth!

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park also offer corporate events, team-building events, and special events for children. The park is a great destination for the whole family! It is located in Ankeny, Iowa, and is a perfect location for family activities and outings. With nearly 28,000 square feet of attractions, this indoor trampoline and adventure park is an ideal place for a day of family fun! You will be amazed at the thrill and energy that this place offers. For any Further Information Please Visit This site.

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