How to Get a Pure Vanilla Cookie in Smite

How to Get a Pure Vanilla Cookie in Smite

How to Get a Pure Vanilla Cookie in Smite

In Smite, the most common and easiest way to get a Pure Vanilla Cookie is by collecting Soul Stones. Soul Stones cost 600 Medals each and can be obtained in three ways: Cookie Gacha System, Arena Battle Store, and Soul Stones. Pure Vanilla Cookie is limited in supply and can only be obtained after a couple of days of play. Unlike other items, however, you cannot purchase them in bulk. For those who want to purchase this item in bulk, here are some ways to get it:


The story of the Pure Vanilla Cookie begins with a pilgrimage through a desert to two landmarks. Both Christianity and Islam have important rites and traditions surrounding pilgrimages, including the journey to Mecca. The story is similar to the Temptation of Christ, and the cookie’s magic resembles stylized versions of the Star of Bethlehem, the symbol of the nativity. The book concludes with the story of a young boy who encounters the mysterious Cookie while wandering toward his village.

In the beginning, the name is a play on the word “vanilla,” based on the vanilla flavor of the vanilla dessert. The “pure” part is a play on the word “vanilla” and reflects Cookie’s good nature and honesty. Pure Vanilla Cookie also has the first ever heterochromia iridis, meaning her right eye is pale yellow. This makes it easy to recognize Cookie by her right eye.

The pure vanilla cookie is a hybrid character, with some unique qualities that make it the ideal choice for a support role. Its unique healing powers can reduce the cooldown of other characters while increasing their durability. The character can use several different types of toppings to enhance his skills. Solid Almonds and Swift Chocolate are ideal for decreasing the Pure Vanilla’s cooldown. The combination of these two items also helps increase his durability.

The Vanilla Orchid Garden

The Pure Vanilla Cookie is also associated with the Vanilla Orchid Garden. Orchids represent purity, hope, dignity, and reverence. Its overworld sprite is much larger than that of other Cookies. Its background contains white lilies, and its internal name is “cookie0506”.

The Cookie character can be obtained in two ways: through the use of Soul Stones or through a free site. Cookie sites will ask you for your game username and other information before giving you the free character. However, these methods only offer two ways to draw the Cookie character. In addition, it is possible to draw your character after completing 10 Gacha Pulls. The other way is by completing missions that allow players to get their first character.


The Pure Vanilla Cookie is a healer class unit that sits at the rear of the party. The unit does not deal much damage and will focus on healing its allies. Pure Vanilla Cookie shines with the Love and Peace talent, which replenishes the party’s HP and gives them shields. Additionally, it absorbs damage proportionate to its HP. The cooldown for this talent is 19 seconds, but it can be reduced by equipping full Swift Chocolate.

The pure vanilla cookie is an ancient, vanilla class hero. She was the first of her kind in the Vanilla Kingdom and defeated the red velvet dragon. This cookie has great stamina and a staff made of vanilla orchids. She also has powerful light beams that strike enemies with its beam. You can use her staff to cast this light beam to heal your allies. This spell is useful for defending yourself and your allies.

The Pure Vanilla Cookie has two types of toppings. The Crescent Moon Magic beam can seal an opponent in an interdimensional void, doing immense damage even without Soul Jam. It has a 0.054% chance of being pulled. Toppings are vital when equipping this spell. The Coins can be used to purchase various things, such as equipment and Toppings. Lastly, Pure Vanilla Cookie has a high chance of spamming.

While you can equip any Toppings you like on your Vanilla Cookie, some toppings are better than others. Swift Chocolate and Searing Raspberry are good choices for Herb Cookie. Swift Chocolate and Herb Cookie can also increase the healing abilities of your teammates. Other types can reduce the cooldown of your skills. Know what toppings do before equipping any Toppings on your Cookie. And don’t forget to pay to detach them from your cookie.

Special skill

The “Special skill of pure vanilla cookie” is a day item that grants a unique buff to the player. The buff is not cumulative and is applied immediately. The player will gain a speed buff each time they use a skill. It takes 3 seconds for this buff to take effect, so it is not recommended to spend a lot of time leveling it up. Nevertheless, this item is incredibly useful.

The Pure Vanilla Cookie is the strongest healer Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. But it is also one of the hardest items to acquire. Players can only obtain it by spending 600 medals on Soul Stones. There is a chance that these Soul Stones will become available every couple of days. Once the player has gathered enough Soul Stones, they will be able to obtain the “Special skill of pure vanilla cookie”.

The Pure Vanilla Cookie’s damage comes from its arrow spam and stacks of Arrow Marks. As a result, its damage is quite high, especially against enemy heroes. In addition, this item is extremely fast and has a good speed boost. In addition, it also has a low cooldown, making it a great choice for PvP and speed comp. The best time to use this item is during boss fights, where it can strengthen any general-purpose team.

Special Skill of Pure Vanilla Cookie

Unlike the other cookie classes, the Special Skill of Pure Vanilla Cookie is very useful in the middle tier. This item is useful in a team fight as it increases normal attack damage based on the level of attack speed and costs. The special skill of this item is useful in a team setup, but without specific team members, it will be useless. Aside from that, you also need to collect Mint Choco Cookie and Librarian’s Enchanted Robes treasures to craft it.

The Pure Vanilla Cookie’s Special Skill is a useful skill in MMO games. Its shield is more reliable and can be a game-winning factor. You can upgrade this item with Raspberries or Swift Chocolates. The skill itself has a cooldown of 19 seconds. This ability is a useful tool for stalling and restraining enemy attacks. Using this item properly will greatly increase your chances of success.

Background story

In the world of Cookie Run, the leader of the five Ancient Heroes is the Pure Vanilla Cookie. As the first playable Ancient Cookie in the game, he is of the Healing class and prioritizes position to the rear. Although briefly playable in the Prologue, he makes his most prominent appearances in the Timeless Kingdom and Castle in the Sky Episodes. He is also prominently featured in the Hall of Enlightenment.

The character of the Pure Vanilla Cookie likely takes inspiration from the prophets of Abrahamic religions. He probably started as a shepherd but later climbed the ranks to become the leader of his kingdom. He is known for his humility, altruism, and forgiving nature, and is also believed to possess magical properties related to light and healing. This all points to the character’s origins. The story behind the character’s creation may have a similar meaning to the story of the birth of Jesus.

The characters of the Pure Vanilla Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie are closely related to the same characters in the game. Both have similar backgrounds. The Dark Enchantress Cookie, the eldest Cookie, and the White Lily Cookie are all related in some way. While the two are friends, they have different goals and philosophies. Pure Vanilla Cookie wants to restore the vanilla kingdom to its former glory, but he is not quite sure how to do that.

The history of the Vanilla Kingdom is interesting. Pure Vanilla Cookie was a king of the kingdom for many years before he decided to abdicate his throne in the Timeless Kingdom to make it more democratic. The story of the Vanilla Kingdom’s history is covered in pages 30-37 of the game’s artwork. It is also interesting to note that Pure Vanilla Cookie is the ancestor of Custard Cookie III

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