Sonora Quest Expands COVID-19 Testing

Sonora Quest Expands COVID-19 Testing

Sonora Quest Expands COVID-19 Testing

If you’re unsure about the COVID-19 Virus and are wondering how you can test for it, Sonora Quest Laboratories may be able to help. By this weekend, they plan to add another “line” and will have eight devoted to COVID-19 testing. The lab has a test-run rate of 40% in recent days and plans to expand its COVID-19 testing capabilities to a broader scope.

Sonora Quest Laboratories

With more than 20,000 patients served daily, Sonora Quest Laboratories is one of the nation’s largest integrated laboratory systems. Previously, the organization struggled with silos of data that required stakeholders to enter data manually across multiple systems. To analyze the data, IT resources were required to collect, process, and report it. The manual data entry was a burden on the IT team, which was already overloaded. In addition, manual data entry was difficult to accomplish, particularly when trying to collect key quality metrics.

With nearly three decades of experience, the Sonora Quest team has been able to create a system of excellence in laboratory testing. The organization’s exemplary track record of quality has been rewarde with multiple awards. They have received the Arizona Department of Health Services $1 million grant to expand their testing services to include testing for all Arizonans, including underserved populations. Sonora Quest Laboratories also invests in technology, partnering with BaseHealth to develop a cloud-based platform for interpreting and analyzing lab test results.

The company has been recognized for its quality and service by a group of independent third-party reviewers. The laboratory has received numerous awards, including the Governor’s Quality Award, which recognizes excellence in patient care and services. It is the only health care organization in Arizona to earn this accolade. To become a member of Sonora Quest Laboratories, you must create a free account. To access the website, enter the information you received in your registration form. You will require to provide a valid email address and password.

To improve its customer service, Sonora Quest implemented a staged integration with FrontRunnerHC. FrontRunnerHC’s eligibility checks and FrontRunnerHC’s Medicare Advantage Plans capabilities help the company bill claims more accurately. XIFIN RPM enabled the company to go live with FrontRunnerHC in 2017.


Arizona-based diagnostic testing company Sonora Quest Laboratories has teamed up with artificial intelligence-based healthcare company method Health to offer a new program that uses AI to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and create personalized life course plans. RestoreU METHOD enables physicians to use artificial intelligence to analyze a patient’s data and determine the best course of action for each individual.

RestoreU METHOD for Sonora Quest is a comprehensive program that combines individualized assessments with labs to help determine whether a patient’s cognitive function is diminishing. It can also reduce the risk of early dementia, Alzheimer’s, or memory loss. By addressing the underlying causes of cognitive decline, RestoreU METHOD is effective in preventing or reversing memory loss.

Unlike many other tests, RestoreU requires more blood tubes than standard blood samples, and requires more processing steps. While this method can be completed at a doctor’s office or a lab, it takes more than 5 business days to receive a report from a physician. In comparison, Sonora Quest Laboratories provides a standard lab report within five days, while UMethod Health offers a cognitive-focused report in three weeks.

PCR tests

The innovative use of carbide sampling by Sonora Quest Laboratories is set to boost diagnostic capacity. The laboratory expects to process 35,000 diagnostic tests per day by the end of July and 60,000 diagnostic tests per day by the end of August. The new production lines will automate RNA extraction and RT-PCR testing. These machines will work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and will result in quicker turnaround times for patients.

A diagnostic molecular test (DMT) detects viral RNA, which is present in the body before antibodies are produced. Thus, it is a useful tool for monitoring early infection. For example, the Sonora Quest Laboratories COVID-19 test detects the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the COVID-19 virus. The test is approve by the FDA under the EUA.

COVID-19 testing without a healthcare provider order is also available through Sonora Quest. The company is working on new sample collection appointment types. COVID-19 antibody testing is new testing offered with Sonora Quest. New collection instructions, Client Gram updates, and a drive-thru COVID-19 sample-collection model emphasizes convenience. Sonora Quest and Embry Health have partnered to focus on testing with a single lab to maximize real-time data collection.

The Quest for Health Equity initiative aims to reduce health disparities in underserved communities. The initiative will provide a combination of donated testing services, educational programs, partnerships, and financial support. Quest has partnered with the Choose Healthy Life Black Clergy Action Plan, which convened a meeting with Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Automated RNA extraction and RT-PCR testing

Automated RNA extraction and RTPCR testing are key to the production of high-quality diagnostic tests. By the end of July, Sonora Quest expects to process 35,000 diagnostic tests per day, with the possibility of reaching 60,000 tests per day. The company is constructing new production lines for the new automated labs, incorporating PerkinElmer’s RNA extraction and RT-PCR testing.

The study, led by UMass Chan Medical School, will test the effectiveness of at-home RNA extraction and RT-PCR testing against molecular tests, which are the gold standard for SARS-CoV-2 detection. The testing will take place in Quest’s state-of-the-art laboratory in Marlborough, Mass., for a total of 12 weeks.

In addition to Quest Diagnostics’ COVID-19 tests, three of the company’s nationwide labs perform the lab-developed Quest SARS-CoV-2 RRT-PCR test. The FDA approved the test for emergency use on March 17 and is available in three-Quest locations. These include San Juan Capistrano, Calif., Chantilly, VA, and Marlborough, Mass., and other Quest locations in Dallas, Texas, Lewisville, KS, Miami, FL, and Lenexa, KS.

Turnaround time

Embry Health and Sonora Quest have partnered to process COVID-19 samples for Arizona patients. As part of the partnership, Sonora Quest will process samples from Embry’s 70-collection sites located in twelve counties. The collaboration will help reduce turnaround times for Arizona patients while increasing the ability to collect real-time COVID-19 data. For example, Sonora Quest will begin processing COVID-19 samples on March 20, 2020.

Embry Health processes thousands of COVID-19 molecular tests each day. Sonora Quest is working to reduce turnaround times by automating PerkinElmer’s RNA extraction and RT-PCR testing. The company’s team works twenty-four hours a day to install new production lines to improve throughput and increase speed.

PerkinElmer provides complete SARS-CoV-2 testing solutions and is working with Sonora Quest to expand capacity globally. Together, PerkinElmer and Sonora Quest are improving the lab’s capacity for broad-based testing and patient safety. The partnership will also help increase the lab’s ability to conduct testing for the entire state of Arizona. For more information, visit Sonora quest.

Sonora Quest Laboratories is a joint venture between Banner Health and Quest Diagnostics. The lab has over 3,500 employees and performs 90 million diagnostic tests per year. The Phoenix-based company has an industry-leading market share in Arizona, with a nearly ninety percent market share. Its testing algorithm is the most recent in the industry.

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