hard shell phone cases

hard shell phone cases

Hard shell phone cases protect your device from bumps, drops, and liquid damage. It is important to get a case that covers both the back and the front. You don’t want to only protect one side. You should also look for tempered glass or other materials that will resist scratches and cracks. Plastic cases tend to crack and scratch easily when exposed to moisture. Here are some tips to choose the right case for your device. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each type.

Protection against scratches

A Hard Shell Phone Cases offers full-body protection for your smartphone and has raised edges to prevent the screen from rubbing surfaces. They are also compatible with wireless chargers. These cases have precision cutouts for easy access to all controls and ports. They are made of shock-resistant polycarbonate or TPU, which makes them an excellent choice for protecting your smartphone from drops and scratches. Protective cases have many advantages and should not be overlooked.

A hard shell case is usually made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which is soft and rubbery and protects the phone well. The other type of hard case is made of polycarbonate, which is hard and can scratch the phone. The right hard case will depend on your phone and your preferences. However, you will likely benefit from both types of protection. When deciding on which type to choose, you should remember that the choice will vary depending on your specific needs and the type of phone.

A hard phone case will protect your phone from scratches, but it can also break when dropped. Since the corners are the highest point of stress, a hard case will likely snap at the corners. Soft cases can protect your phone from scratches, but they may be uncomfortable to use and will need to be replaced sooner than you’d like. Hard cases can be a great option for protecting your phone from drops, bumps, and other everyday wear and tear.

Most Effective Option

Hard shell phone cases are the most effective option when it comes to protecting your phone from scratches. These cases are inexpensive and will protect your phone from being damaged. A hard plastic phone case will not protect your iPhone from falling, but it will protect your phone from scratches. If you’re a construction worker or a skilled outdoor worker, you should choose a tougher case. Most of these cases are made from an extra-strong reinforced shell, while others come with a full tough shell.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet effective way to protect your phone, a silicone case may be a better option for you. A silicone case will protect your phone from drops, but it is not as rugged as a hard shell case. A silicone case will help prevent the screen from scratching, but it won’t be as flexible as a hard case. In addition, a hard shell case will not damage your phone’s battery.


When it comes to protecting your cell phone from scratches and damage, hardshell phone cases are the way to go. These cases can help to protect your device from everyday damage without the risk of damaging it when dropped. They can also protect your phone from damage if it falls from a high height, and they are also made with quality materials. Hardshell phone cases can last for years, but you may have to keep buying replacements if you want to keep your phone looking good.

Tough phone cases are often made of multiple layers, which makes them more resistant to impacts and scratches. Some can even protect against dust and water ingress, making them perfect for people with active lifestyles or young children. Tough phone cases will protect your phone while giving you peace of mind. But make sure that you choose the right one for your phone type. Hard shell phone cases are designed to fit your phone model perfectly and provide the ultimate protection for your device.


Combination cases are another type of hard shell phone case. This type of case usually has a hard shell and a soft interior. The extra layer will provide a more insulating layer, preventing heat from escaping and preventing damage from impact. In addition, combination cases use hard plastic on the back and sides and softer materials around the screen and corners. This combination provides great shock absorption and keeps the hard shell from bending. These cases are great for bulkier phones.

The tough phone cases will protect your phone against water and military drop tests. They will add less bulk and are less expensive than hardshell cases. However, plastic phone cases will not protect your phone if they are dropped from a high height. They may also shatter on impact, and you have to buy a high-quality case to guarantee its durability. These cases also have a 10-foot drop guarantee. It is important to note that tough phone cases do not offer the best protection.


There are a number of different styles of hardshell phone cases available. Some are made of leather and others are PU leather. Leather phone cases usually have a hard outer shell and a thin flex-like interior. Depending on the style and material, they can come in a variety of colors and finishes. Leather phone cases are a popular choice among high-end users. Some of these cases feature a wallet section and can hold one to four cards.

Plastic cases are available in a variety of colors and designs. They are thin and often provide good protection, but don’t protect the phone from accidental drops. Plastic cases are also more transparent than rubber cases, which makes them more attractive to users who want to show off their phone’s design. Despite the fact that they feel less protective, they can help protect your phone against scratches and accidental drops. Choosing the right hard case for your needs can make a big difference in your phone’s performance and longevity.

cases are designed to protect

While some cases are designed to protect your phone from drops, others are designed for protection from dust and spills. Hardshell phone cases can be extremely slim, and lightweight, and still provide decent protection. Many of them can be customized to match your brand or protect your phone from any scratches or nicks. If you want a case that matches your phone’s design and style, consider custom phone cases. There are many different ways to customize your phone’s appearance with the help of a hardshell case.

Apple iPhones are available in several striking body colors. If you want to hide your phone’s design from view, try the Nothin’ to Hide clear case. These cases are made from hard plastic and are more durable than your basic Gripmunk case. You can even get a custom case that has a back cover. If you prefer a more traditional design, consider a black case. Buttons can also be interchanged.


A hard shell phone case is an accessory that protects your mobile phone from damage. These cases come in various materials and colors. They can be a perfect fit for your smartphone and are sure to keep it safe. These cases also help you stay ahead of the curve by ensuring that it won’t get scratched or broken. A hard case encloses the entire phone from side to back and offers reliable protection from scratches and breaks.

Some of the best hardshell phone cases provide dust and water protection. These cases are usually marked with an ingress protection scale; higher numbers mean better protection. Ingress protection ranges from 1-6, with the highest being IP68 for water and dust. A case without these features doesn’t protect the screen from scratches or shattered glass. In addition, most of these cases don’t have any physical screen protectors and have raised edges that prevent direct contact with most surfaces.

One of the best features of hard shell phone cases is their slim design. Most people prefer glossy hard cases because they’re easier to attach Accessories to. However, you must remember that smooth cases show scratches easily and let your phone slide around easily. A textured hard case is a better option because it will provide a better grip. These types of cases can be more expensive than glossy ones, so make sure you check the price range before buying.

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