Apple Bottom Jeans Lyrics

apple bottom jeans lyrics

apple bottom jeans lyrics

If you haven’t heard this hit song by Rida ft. T-Pain, you should. This is Rida’s latest hit and is a great way to kick off your summer. Check out the Apple Bottom Jeans Lyrics to learn more about the song. If you like Rida’s music, you should definitely check out his other songs, including Flo Rida ft. T-Pain.

Rida ft. T-Pain

When Rida ft. T-Pain released the song Apple Bottom Jeans Lyrics, a conspiracy theory emerged. In the song, T-Pain sings the chorus about a shawty wearing Applebottom jeans, boots with fur, and baggy sweatpants. In the video, T-Pain clarifies the song’s lyrics.

“Low” is a song by American rapper Flo Rida featuring T-Pain. The song was released as the lead single from the album Mail on Sunday. It also appeared on the soundtrack of Step Up 2: The Streets. It peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The song’s music video was directed by Bernard Gourley and features cameos from Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Cool & Dre, and Briana Evigan.


Apple Bottom Jeans lyrics were first released in 2003 by the hip-hop artist Rida. This song was one of Rida’s most popular hits and has now become a cult classic. The song features a powerful message about the importance of good clothing and self-esteem. If you want to listen to this song, make sure to check out the lyrics and find out if Rida is right.

The video below shows the video for “Low,” Flo Rida’s latest hit. The song features T-Pain singing the chorus. The rapper talks about the Applebottom jeans, rebooks with straps, and fur boots. This is the perfect video to explain the lyrics of Rida’s hit. And while you’re watching, you can also read the lyrics and hear T-Pain explaining the song.

The song’s tempo is moderate for hip-hop songs from the 1990s. The song is written in common time, and the tempo is around one hundred and twenty-eight beats per minute. T-Pain’s vocal range is nearly two octaves. The song was a hit and reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2008.

New Boyz

In the 1990s, New Boyz was a hip-hop group, and they were known for their outrageous outfits. The gang had a wide array of outfits, and one of the most memorable was Shawty, who wore apple-bottom jeans and fur-lined boots. While wearing the outfit, they hit the floor, and the lyrics of the song make it a must-listen.

Apple Bottom Jeans Lyrics

“Apple Bottom Jeans lyrics” is one of the most popular songs of all time. This hip-hop song has a cool catchy beat that’s perfect for any night out. It’s a fusion of hip-hop and R&B, and the lyrics are catchy and relatable. The song is a reflection of the sexy world we live in today. It is a sexy, empowering song that is all about staying young and cool.

Kevin Turk

If you’re looking for new songs to download, then check out Kevin Turk’s latest offering. “Apple Bottom Jeans lyrics” is available for quick download below. It is a good choice for any occasion, whether you’re looking for a catchy pop tune, an upbeat dance track, or a smooth, slow ballad. Read on to find out more about the lyrics and video.

Flo Rida

Apple Bottom Jeans lyrics were made viral recently due to a conspiracy theory. The song, originally known as Low, features Flo Rida as the singer and was written by four different songwriters. They were Najm Faheem, Dillard Tramar, Humphrey Monday Desmond, and Roberson Korey.

Flo Rida ft. T-Pain

Flo Rida and T-Pain’s latest single, “Apple Bottom Jeans lyrics,” is a sexually charged anthem. During the chorus, T-Pain talks about the sexy fashion of a shawty in Applebottom jeans and fur-trimmed boots. They also discuss their baggy sweatpants and rebooks with straps. This controversy prompted many people to question the song’s lyrics.

The song is a popular summer anthem, and Rida and T-Pain are no strangers to a good rap hook. Their duet, “Apple Bottom Jeans,” is particularly catchy. The two rappers’ collaborations, “Low” and “Apple Bottom Jeans,” were featured in the hit film Step Up 2: The Streets and are now available as an official single.

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