Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings


The fast-casual restaurant chain Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings, sandwiches, and salads. It operates primarily in the Southern United States and has over 900 locations. Most of these are franchises, but the company also owns 123 of them.

Zaxby’s chicken fingers

Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings is a chain of fast-casual restaurants, serving chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, and salads.It currently operates over 900 locations across the country. The majority of these are franchised, but 123 are owned directly by the Zaxby company.

Chicken Fingerz come in Zax or Ranch Sauce, and can be ordered with a side of Texas Toast or Crinkle Fries. Kids can also order a Kidz Mealz that includes a Kidz Drink and a treat.

The prices for Zaxby’s chicken fingers & Buffalo wings can vary depending on your location. Check out their menu online or call ahead to confirm if it is available in your area. For your convenience, you can also order via Uber Eats to get your favorite food delivered to your home or office.

Topping your wings is a good way to enhance the flavor. Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings provides eight different wing sauces that are available for you to choose from. They also have five dips to accompany your chicken fingers. Most of these are excellent, but they aren’t exceptional.

The Buffalo wings come with a thick, creamy sauce and crispy shallots, making them perfect for a game-day binge. These wings are best served with a side of fries and can easily be shared. The Buffalo wing sauce is legendary.

Zaxby’s has launched a new campaign for the brand that introduces a new Buffalo Garlic Blaze sauce and a new national commercial. The new ad premiered during the College Football Playoff national championship game. It will also air during the Big Game on Feb. 13. Zaxby’s offers several vegan and vegetarian options and a dairy-free option for margarine.

Zaxby’s sauces are not too sweet or too spicy. The original Zaxby’s sweet & spicy sauce has a mild heat and is reminiscent of Asian-style sweet chili sauces. It also contains a hint of ginger and citrus flavoring.

Zaxby’s honey mustard sauce

Zaxby’s chicken fingers & Buffalo wings with Zaxby’s Honey Mustard Sauce contain about 330 calories per serving, making it a healthy choice. It contains less sugar than regular honey mustard but still delivers a tangy honey-mustard flavor. Zaxby’s also has a mild and spicy version of the sauce, too.

This sweet and spicy sauce is one of the most popular choices at Zaxby’s. Made with a special blend of mustard and bee’s nectar, it pairs well with Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings. It is also great for sandwiches.

Zaxby’s orange sauce is a popular choice among chicken wing fans, and it is better than Raising Cane’s orange sauce. It has more flavor and complements the chicken better. Whether you’re eating chicken fingers, buffalo wings, or a whole basket of wings, you’ll find a sauce that suits your needs.

Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings sweet and spicy sauce is another favorite, but it has more sugar than other Zaxby’s wing sauces. However, the sweet and spicy sauce has fewer calories and lower fat than Zaxby’s other wing sauces. It contains about 140 calories per cup, so it’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy spicy food.

Zaxby’s offers thirteen sauces to accompany their chicken fingers and buffalo wings. The Buffalo Garlic Blaze sauce is spicier than the others, but it still packs a punch of flavor. This spicy sauce has all the familiar flavors and adds just a bit of heat.

If you’re hungry and need a quick and tasty meal, Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings is a great option. They have a vast menu of southern favorites, including chicken fingers and buffalo wings. However, the food is a bit expensive in some areas. While the chicken fingers and buffalo wings are both cheap, a Zaxby’s meal can quickly lead you to spend more than you planned.

Zaxby’s has a 99-cent Nibbler Day special that includes boneless chicken wing meals for 99 cents. They are served with a variety of sauces, including their signature Zax Sauce, which has a honey mustard flavor. You can also order a side dish with the Zax Sauce for free.

Whether you’re looking for a tangy sweet and spicy sauce or a mild hot sauce, the Zax sauce has something for everyone. The original sauce is orangey red and resembles a tomato bisque. It is mildly spicy and has a touch of ginger and a hint of citrus flavor.

The hot honey mustard sauce is similar to the plain honey mustard sauce, but it has a stronger mustard flavor and less sugar. Hot honey mustard is a good option for children. However, you can also choose a milder version if you’re trying to please kids. Zaxby’s honey mustard sauce is not too spicy, and it is mild enough for little children to eat.

Zaxby’s blue cheese dip

If you’re a fan of spicy foods, Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wing’s blue cheese dip is a perfect complement to your chicken fingers and buffalo wings. This spicy, tangy dip can be a great addition to any potluck or get-together. You can dip your wings in your favorite hot sauce, then top them with blue cheese sauce. Plus, they’re only 158 calories per serving.

Zaxby’s offers several sauces for its wings, including their own Zax Sauce. This sauce is not better than other fast food barbecue sauces, but it’s tasty on chicken fingers and Parmesan chicken strips. It takes about 2 minutes to mix it, and you’re on your way to a tasty meal!

If you’re allergic to soy, Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings offers several products that contain no soy. However, some items contain highly refined soybean oil that’s used for deep frying. The restaurant also offers vegan options for its customers. For those who don’t want to risk having soy in their meal, they can also choose the “Veggie Chicken” or “Vegan Chicken” menu.

Zaxby’s sweet & spicy sauce has a mild heat. Inspired by Asian-style sweet chili sauces, it contains hints of citrus and ginger.

Zaxby’s also offers dairy-free options. However, many of their dressings contain milk. You may want to avoid the garlic spread, which contains milk. Moreover, fried onions may contain dairy products, as they are cooked in communal fryers. You can order it on Texas toast or a potato bun.

Honey mustard is a common sauce for chicken nuggets and chicken wings, but it’s not often paired with bone-in wings. Moreover, honey mustard is typically too sweet and bland for a chicken nugget dunk. Zaxby’s honey mustard isn’t bad. However, I wouldn’t choose it for wings. The hot honey mustard sauce tastes better than the plain one.

Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

Zaxby’s is a fast-casual chain of restaurants featuring chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, salads, and more. It operates in the Southern United States and boasts more than 900 locations.

Zaxby’s teriyaki sauce

Zaxby’s teriyaki sauce is not one of the hottest sauces out there, but it is certainly among the most flavorful. This sauce is a blend of Asian flavors, with the sweet taste of honey and the crunch of sesame. It is light brown in color and does not stick to your fingers. While the flavor is not too spicy, it could use a bit more sweetness.

Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings teriyaki sauce is a delicious choice for dipping chicken. It is sweet and spicy but has a mild tang. It pairs well with chicken, fries, and salads. Zalads are also excellent when dipped in this sauce.

Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings offers many sauce varieties to choose from. The mildest of these are Teriyaki and Zax, while medium and spicy sauces are available. There are also several sauce levels to suit your preferences, including “Nuclear” and “Wimpy.” Zaxby’s chicken wings and buffalo wings are best enjoyed with teriyaki sauce.

The sauce used for Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings is a closely guarded secret. It contains a mix of ketchup, mayo, vinegar, Worcestershire, and spices. Its mild flavor enhances the flavor of the chicken.

The prices are dated July 2020 and are for Utah, USA. Prices may vary in other states. Please consult Zaxby’s website to confirm prices in your area.

In addition to Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings, the restaurant offers a full menu of hand-breaded chicken fingers and four Zalads. The chicken fingers come with crinkle fries and a choice of dipping sauce. In addition to the sauce, you can order a drink at the restaurant. Zaxby’s is a premium quick-service restaurant. The Great 8 Boneless Wings Meal is available for a limited time. It costs 80 cents more than a regular meal and includes a small drink.

Zaxby’s chicken fingers and buffalo wings are mouthwatering. Try their homemade fried chicken recipe with honey mustard sauce. The result is a heavenly chicken dish that is as flavorful and easy to prepare as the real thing. You can even make these chicken fingers into a buffalo chicken salad or a delicious chicken sandwich. The sauce is similar to the one used by Zaxby’s, so you can use it in other recipes, too.

Zaxby’s barbecue sauce

Zaxby’s is a fast food chain that specializes in chicken. Their menu includes salads and a wide variety of chicken wings and finger dishes. They have several different kinds of wings, including boneless “wings” and traditional bone-in wings. Zaxby’s has over 123 locations across the United States.

The barbecue sauce used for Buffalo Wings and Chicken Fingers contains dairy. Fried onions may also contain dairy. Fries are cooked in shared fryers. If you’re allergic to dairy, you may want to consider an alternative. Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings also offers a barbecue sauce for chicken wings.

Zaxby’s barbecue sauce has a sweet and spicy flavor. This sauce is sweeter than many wing sauces, but it’s not too hot. Its flavor is reminiscent of tabasco or tomato sauce. It’s not too hot, which makes it perfect for people who are trying to watch their calories.

The Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings are available with either Ranch Sauce or Zax Sauce. They can also be served with Boneless or Traditional Wings. To make your meal more filling and wholesome, Zaxby’s offers a variety of drinks. If you want a drink, you can also choose a Coca-Cola Freestyle(r) drink to sip on.

Zaxby’s barbecue sauce for Chicken Wings & Chicken Fingers features a mild spice level and notes of citrus and ginger. It is similar to spicy mayonnaise and pairs well with chicken fingers. In addition to chicken fingers and buffalo wings, Zaxby’s also offers a large variety of other menu items and salads. The restaurant focuses on locally grown and antibiotic-free chicken.

The buffalo wings are delicious and versatile. They are best served with a side of fries and are perfect for a game-day binge. Order a big order and share it with your family and friends. Buffalo wings are classic food and are a great way to spend game-day nights.

Zaxby’s Blue Cheese

If you’re a fan of Zaxby’s Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings, you might love these new additions to their menu. They’ve made it easier for vegans to enjoy their favorite chicken meals, with options such as Texas toast and Crinkle Fries. For a healthy meal, try the Blackened Chicken Sandwich, which is seasoned with Cajun spices and topped with American cheese, crisp lettuce, and tomatoes. Crinkle fries complete the meal.

Zaxby’s famous chicken is available in boneless or traditional wings. The boneless version is ideal for those who don’t like to handle chicken bone.The homemade coating makes the chicken tender and flavorful.

The Chicken Fingerz sandwich is another good option for those who want to stay healthy. This grilled chicken sandwich is lower in calories than other chicken sandwich options. The Zax sauce has a perfect mix of sweetness and mustard. It tastes like honey mustard.
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