The News Anchors Who Bring Me the News

The News Anchors Who Bring Me the News

The News Anchors Who Bring Me the News

Whenever I hear the words, “Bring me the news,” I immediately think of a show with a host who seems to know how to bring me information, and that means a lot to me. I’m talking about Amy Hockert, Liz Larkin, Kevyn Burger, and William Wilcoxen. These are the news anchors who bring me the news that I can understand. And I think they do it well.

Amy Hockert

Currently, Amy Hockert is an Emmy Award-winning journalist. She is also the editor-in-chief of Bring Me the News, Minnesota’s premier online news resource. Hockert is a native of Marshall, Minn., and has six years of experience as a reporter in the Twin Cities. She started her career in college at an NBC affiliate in Fargo-Moorhead. She then worked in Raleigh, North Carolina and Minot, North Dakota. She has also broadcast on more than 40 radio stations in Minnesota.

Amy is proud to be a Minnesotan and has made her life in the state her home. She is happy to have returned to television news after eight years. She and her husband Chris have a daughter, Elise, and a son, Christian. They enjoy traveling and exploring new places with their family. They also enjoy movies, hiking, and visiting restraints. They have a cat and two dogs.

Amy is a native of Minnesota, where she grew up with her twin sister, Jamy. She attended Minnesota State University, Moorhead. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications. She has worked as a reporter at several radio stations in Minnesota. She also worked as a reporter at KARE 11 for six years.

Amy has a net worth of $1 million to $5 million. Her primary source of income is as a journalist. She also has several other sources of income. She is active on social media and posts many photos of her family. She has over eight thousand followers on her Instagram account. She is also active on her Twitter account.

Kevyn Burger

Whether or not Kevyn Burger is the next big thing in Twin Cities journalism is debatable. But she is no stranger to local radio. She has been hosting Minnesota Native News on MyTalk107 since 2008. She is also a feature writer for the StarTribune and freelance reporter for Minnesota Business Magazine. She is also a proud mother of three.

There are plenty of Twin Cities women to be found, but Kevyn is among the very best. She ranks high on the “guys” list, and she has a good media game. She knows her stuff, and she knows the trifle. She has also got a great sense of humor. For instance, she knows that a dog’s name is a dog’s name, but she knows what a terrier is. This is no small feat, given that she’s a woman in her mid-thirties.

Kevyn is also one of the more interesting ladies in the media. She’s a freelance journalist who has done a number of high-profile, high-paying gigs, and she’s a mother of three. She’s also a breast cancer survivor. That’s a lot of titles to carry. Fortunately, she can afford to keep them all.

Kevyn has a cool new gig with Minnesota Public Radio. She’s got her feet wet in the radio department, and will be filling in for other mid-morning shows on weekdays. But she’s also going to take an indefinite hiatus to focus on her other passions.

Tim Lammers

During his tenure as anchor at FOX61, Tim Lammers has mastered the art of the gab. In fact, he is so good at the job that he has become a cult figure amongst his colleagues. Lammers has been with the network for the past sixteen years, serving in various roles such as Sports Producer, News Feature Reporter, and most recently, Health Reporter.

As far as other newsworthy jobs are concerned, Lammers has managed to land himself a gig at Blackhawk Community Credit Union, where he serves as a Mortgage Loan Originator. His job responsibilities include originating loans, closing loans, educating customers on mortgage loan options, and reviewing the latest mortgage technology for lenders. He is also well-versed in mortgage jargon. He is also a self-described fanboy, so it’s no surprise that he’s a fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

For what it’s worth, Lammers has not shared any of his tidbits with the general public. Despite his many accolades, he has a modest budget and a modest lifestyle. However, his zeal for the job has not waned. He has a lovely wife, Kerri, and step-son, Alex.

In terms of awards, Tim Lammers has won two prestigious awards: a gold and a silver for his work at FOX61. His contributions to the network have been recognized with a handful of other awards, including the Best TV Newscast in Minnesota.

William Wilcoxen

Throughout his career, William Wilcoxen worked on environmental issues. Whether it was preserving Pines Park in Dana Point or Main Beach in Laguna Beach, Wilcoxen was dedicated to protecting the beauty of our local parks. He was even a member of the city council for Laguna Beach. He received several awards for his reporting.

Before William Wilcoxen came to MPR, he worked as a reporter for Collegeville News Service in 1986. He then spent six years at Minnesota Public Radio in central Minnesota. He graduated from Grinnell College in 1984. He is also a member of the Minnesota Public Radio bowling team. He was also a member of the board of the Planning and Conservation League of the High Sierra. He also was an attorney for the Capistrano Bay Parks and Recreation District for 25 years. He has also worked as a reporter for several sports teams and has won several awards for his reporting. He is now 92 years old and died in his sleep on January 18, 2007. He is survived by his wife, Lois, and their four children.

Wilcoxen’s family has requested that donations be made to the Laguna Art Museum, the Planning and Conservation League Foundation, and the Laguna Greenbelt. He is also survived by his six grandchildren. He will be buried at Salt Creek Beach Park in Dana Point.

He is also a member of Bring Me the News, a web/radio aggregation news service. He will also be a mentor to younger journalists.


WCCO reporter Liz Collin is leaving her high-flying job at the Twin Cities television station. She announced her departure on January 25, but the news hasn’t quite hit the airwaves yet. She has joined conservative news website Alpha News in Minnesota. She says the job will allow her to do more of what she does best: cover politics and crime in her native state. She has covered hurricanes Harvey and Florence as well as major news events in Milwaukee and Baton Rouge.

Alpha News, which has a small but growing readership in Minnesota, says it is hiring reporters who are willing to take the long-term payoff. They are also considering ways to include more women and minorities in their ranks. Alpha News’ chief executive officer, Mike Peck, told Minnesota Public Radio’s Morning Edition that they are in the market for reporters who can handle both their news gathering and social media duties. For any further details Please visit this site.

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