The New York Brooklyn Subway Shooting

Brooklyn Shooting

Brooklyn Shooting

The investigation into the recent Brooklyn shooting continues. Authorities are searching for a suspect, who allegedly fired dozens of bullets into the subway car. The suspect is described as a man with a heavy build. He is believed to have been armed with a handgun.

dozens of bullets fired in Brooklyn subway car

As the subway car stopped and the shooting began, the passengers began to scramble for safety. Some of them were bleeding heavily and others were falling to the platform. Many others were just trying to get away from the car. At least 23 people were injured, five of whom were critically wounded. The police have not yet determined a motive for the shooting.

The suspect, who was identified as Frank James, is now being held by police after a day-long manhunt. According to police, James told authorities where he had been before the attack. He has been charged with terrorism and faces up to life in prison. It is unclear what motivated him to shoot up the subway car, but he has made some disturbing social media posts prior to the incident.

Witnesses said that they lost count of the number of shots fired. The sound of the shooting was similar to that of fireworks and popping, and passengers began to panic. One passenger, Yav Montano, recorded the attack on video and said that he heard people groaning and covering their faces against the thick smoke. He also estimated that there were between forty and fifty people inside the carriage.

subway services

Many subway lines were shut down as police investigated the incident at the 36th Street station. By Tuesday night, most subway services had resumed, but there was some disruption. Street traffic around the shooting site was bumper-to-bumper for most of the day. As of 7 a.m. Wednesday, Metro reported that all subway lines were operating normally.

CNN aired video taken inside the train car, where passengers tried to cover their faces as they tried to avoid being hit. Some of them were wearing masks and pressed clothing to their mouths. The train finally pulled into the platform. When it reached the platform, people were directed to another train. As they rode, they prayed and wept. Five people were critically injured, while at least a dozen were treated for smoke inhalation.

Has ties to Philadelphia

The mass subway shooting that left 29 people dead and dozens injured was carried out by Frank James, a man with ties to Philadelphia. He has addresses in Wisconsin and Philadelphia, and police have linked him to the attack. The suspect has also rented a vehicle in Philadelphia, and the keys were found in the shooter’s possessions. But investigators are still uncertain whether he is connected to the attack.

The Cornell Wind Ensembles recently rehearsed with children in Philadelphia and donated 10 instruments to two middle schools in the city. Their assistant director, Matthew Marsit, attended Temple University, and their music director, Dennis Creedon, has ties to Philadelphia. The group aims to counter the cuts to arts education in schools throughout the city.

The group’s founder will not reveal its donors, and the timing of the event ensures it won’t be required to do so until after the primary. However, a closer look at the group’s mailings reveals that wealthy GOP donors are pulling the strings. The mailers also reference a failed effort by former President Donald Trump to invalidate all of Pennsylvania’s votes in 2020. The mailers spurred a huge backlash on social media and half of the group’s board resigned on Tuesday.

The U-Haul van rented by James has a Philadelphia address and a nearby storage facility. A spokesperson for the company told NBC that the company is aware of the investigation, but wouldn’t comment further. If a U-Haul employee rented the van, then he may have used it to drive from Philadelphia to New York City. Upon arrival at his destination, he abandoned the van near the subway line where the shooting occurred.

Was armed with a handgun

The shooter in the Brooklyn subway station shooting has been identified as a man named Frank James, 62. James has addressed in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The New York police department is searching for him. He reportedly had a handgun with him when he opened fire on innocent people. Police say the shooter fired 33 times from a Glock 17 9mm handgun.

The gunman then led police on a chase. At one point, he rear-ended one of the squad cars. The suspect then pulled out his weapon and began a confrontation with police officers, which was captured on video by passing motorists. Investigators have also recovered a handgun, ammunition, and three magazines of ammunition, as well as a hatchet, which may have been used to commit the attack. The gunman also had a backpack that was believed to be his, as well as a few fireworks.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and police officials urged people to stay vigilant in the wake of the attack. Earlier, a senior law enforcement official said they had an image of the suspect and were looking for him. Another police official told reporters that a U-Haul van may be linked to the shooter, and a key was found near the subway station.

After the shooting, the New York City subway system suspended service and warned commuters to expect major delays. The subway station at 36th street remains closed.

Is a person of interest now in the case?

The New York Police Department has named a person of interest in the shooting that happened on the N train in Brooklyn on Tuesday morning. Police have been searching for Frank R. James, who is believed to be the lone suspect. Police have a photo of him holding a Glock 9mm handgun and three ammunition magazines. The gunman also left behind a hatchet and fireworks.

The video James posted on YouTube was a rant against Mayor Eric Adams. He questioned Adams’ policies for reducing violence in New York City. He also made controversial comments about the N train system. Police have found a U-Haul van with James’ keys and have launched a $50,000 reward for information leading to his capture. Investigators say James rented a van in Philadelphia before driving it to Brooklyn. The van was found eight hours after the shooting.

Police have identified the suspect as a 5-foot-5 black man with a heavy build and a gas mask. He was wearing an orange and green construction vest, a neon-green work helmet, and a gray sweatshirt. According to a witness, the attacker looked like a man working for the MTA, but they didn’t know each other.

The NYPD has been combing through other video stations for a video that may lead to the suspect. In addition, they have identified three different perspectives of the alleged suspect. It has also been revealed that the subway system is more heavily patrolled than before because of the upcoming marathon.


Investigators have identified the suspect as Frank James, a man who allegedly used the gun. However, they haven’t yet figured out whether they have enough evidence to link him to the crime. Despite this development, investigators are continuing to investigate James’ possible involvement. The video also shows that James had posted messages about mass shootings and violence on his YouTube channel.

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