the crying cat meme

the crying cat meme

The crying cat meme is less about the expression of the crying cat than it is about the surprise it causes. Everyone has had a bathroom meltdown at one point or another. This is the perfect meme to watch while binge-watching Netflix. And if you’ve ever had cat pee on the toilet, you’ll know what a crying cat meme is.


The Crying Cat meme is a series of photoshopped images of cats that appear to be crying. Often, the photoshopped images have been created by Pinata Farms, a website that creates memes quickly and at lightning speed. This meme can be a helpful tool in times of sadness, as people can use it to express sympathy or sorrow.

The crying cat meme first surfaced anonymously in 2007 and has been growing in popularity ever since. It depicts a white cat that has been photo-shopped to look inconsolable. Using this simple and effective meme, people are able to express their sadness and frustration through humor. In recent years, it has also been used to react to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Crying Cat meme is one of the most popular reaction images on the internet today. It depicts a white cat sitting in front of a computer screen with glassy eyes and a sad face. This photo has spread around the internet and has spawned thousands of variations. The Crying Cat meme is popular on many social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Almost every social media platform has at least one account that uses the crying cat meme.

This meme was first created by a photographer, who uploaded a picture of a white cat in front of a computer. Within two months, the photo gained over one thousand points. Since then, netizens began using this image for all sorts of situations. It has become so popular that it has become a mainstay on social media platforms.


The history of the crying cat meme dates back to April 2015, when an image of a cat was posted on the German image board pr0gramm. The image, which is based on a German name, “Schmuserkadser”, quickly gained popularity. Soon, more images were being uploaded to websites like 4chan, Facebook, and Reddit.

The crying cat meme has become a cult classic online. Its creation was a result of a user’s photoshopping a cat’s teary eyes onto an image of a cat. Its popularity soared soon after its release, with several hundred versions of the meme now available on the Internet.

The first version of the crying cat meme featured actress Taylor Armstrong and her cat Smudge. The two were filmed during an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in which Armstrong was upset with Camille Grammer. Kyle Richards tried to soothe Armstrong and her “the cat.” The cat was named Smudge, and the meme took off on the social media site Reddit.

However, the crying cat meme is not for every situation. While it can be funny in some instances, its use is best reserved for times when the situation is truly sad and the person in question is a sad one. If the person in question is a friend, then using the crying cat meme would probably be the best choice.

Animated meme templates

If you’re a fan of the Internet meme, you may have already heard of the Crying Cat (or Schmuserkadser). These pictures of cats are photoshopped to make them look sad. A popular meme maker, Pinata Farms, offers an easy way to make these memes from any image.

This meme maker is a free online video maker that lets you create memes quickly and easily. You can choose from thousands of templates and themes to use in your creations. VideoCreek also has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to create memes without having a great deal of experience. The platform also allows you to use your own photos to make memes even more personalized.


Crying cat memes are images that show cats with tears in their eyes, often photoshopped. They have become popular on social media sites such as Facebook. These images have also been used for social commentary and entertainment. This article explores the meaning of the crying cat meme. If you see a crying cat image, you may be wondering why someone would post it.

There are several reasons why you might be thinking about sharing the crying cat meme with others. For starters, this picture is pretty depressing, but it may also represent something very personal. For example, a person might be feeling down about something and want to express their feelings with the image. Regardless of the reason, the image is incredibly popular.

Memes are funny, but they have a dark side too. Sometimes, they are not appropriate, and they can make people feel sad. That’s why the crying cat meme is a popular sticker on social media platforms. This means you can’t use the meme in absolute sadness, but you can use it when a friend is feeling down.

The meme was first created on the popular photo-sharing site Reddit. It depicted a white cat sitting in front of a computer, with glassy eyes and a sad face. This meme has since spread through the internet, and thousands of different versions have been created. While the most common version of this image has the crying cat staring at the computer screen, some versions have been created with a more serious message.


The Crying Cat, otherwise known as Schmuserkadser, is a series of photoshopped images of cats that are intended to appear sad. Since its inception four years ago, the Crying Cat has generated more than 925 images. The image is a popular reaction image, reminding us of a TikTok video.

The earliest form of the meme was created on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer had a heated argument. Richards tried to soothe Armstrong, but she remained upset. The cat, meanwhile, was named Smudge, and she appeared on Instagram. Although this version is satire, the original idea was an actual meme that was popular among users of Reddit.

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