Burson Auto Parts Celebrates 50 Years in Business

Finding a Supercheap Auto Near Me

Finding a Supercheap Auto Near Me

Burson Auto Parts has more than 20 locations throughout Australia, including 11 in South Australia. The company has also expanded to the Northern Territory. It has a large selection of auto parts and accessories for every make and model. In addition to its main locations, the company also has franchises in New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Garry Johnson

In 2021, Burson Auto Parts will celebrate its 50th birthday, marking five decades of operation. The company’s founders started selling auto parts in 1971, and the business has expanded rapidly since then. It now employs over 15,000 team members and has 190 stores across Australia. The company serves the needs of both the automotive aftermarket and retail customers.

In the 1980s, Mr. Johnson sold his stake to a new management team. The deal was worth seven times EBITDA and Mr. Johnson’s share remains small. Burson is on track to reach $350 million in sales and EBITDA next year. Its debt level is around $100 million.

Garry Johnson, founder of Burson Auto Parts, has been instrumental in the company’s growth and success. His entrepreneurial spirit has helped Burson Auto Parts become Australia’s leading trade supplier of automotive parts and accessories. Initially, Johnson sold car parts to mechanics and service stations. The company grew to more than 82 stores by 2011 and now provides a full range of services to the automotive aftermarket.

Burson Auto Parts started in 1978 and opened its first store in Braybrook, Melbourne. Eventually, the business grew throughout Victoria. In 1984, the company opened its first interstate store in Albury. In 1986, Johnson bought out his partner and grew the company’s network to fifteen stores in Queensland and NSW. By 2004, the company had a total of 50 stores.

The company is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. After almost three decades, the company has undergone a major logistics overhaul. It now manages vehicle off-road orders with a Pulse warehouse management system. Its recent move to a greenfields distribution center in Preston has led to a rethink of logistics operations.

Andrew Schram

Burson Auto Parts’ founder, Andrew Schram, got his start as a customer. Back in the 70s, he worked in a service station in Melbourne and would buy parts from Burson’s cash vans. At the time, the cash vans were traveling around the country of Victoria selling car parts to automotive workshops.

Andrew’s entrepreneurial spirit was the driving force behind Burson’s success. In the early 1980s, the company had a network of fifteen stores and one purpose-built warehouse. The founder quickly focused on providing customers with premium-quality auto parts and sought out leading brands both locally and internationally to ensure a steady supply.

A young Andrew Schram had just graduated from high school and began his career working as a mechanic at a service station. After several years, he became an assistant manager and eventually the store manager for his boss, Terry Penney. He later went on to become a Purchasing Manager and a National Key Accounts Manager for Burson Auto Parts.

The company’s name has since been given its own brand name, and the name has become synonymous with Australian automotive repairers. Its name embodies the spirit and commitment of two Aussies with good ideas. As the leader in Australian automotive aftermarket parts, Burson Auto Parts has established itself as one of the premier brands in the country.

The company’s 50th anniversary is coming up. In 2021, Burson will celebrate its golden anniversary by hosting a variety of trade promotions. As a part of its celebration, Andrew Schram of Burson Auto Parts will host a series of interviews and giveaways in the coming year.

Bapcor acquisitions

The acquisition of Burson Auto Parts by Bapcor expands the company’s retail network. With over 1,100 locations across Australia and New Zealand, Bapcor is one of the largest players in the industry. The deal also increases the scope of Burson’s automotive component and equipment product range. In addition, the acquisition expands the company’s light and heavy commercial vehicle parts portfolio.

Roadsafe Automotive Products is a specialist distributor of steering, suspension, and 4×4 parts. The acquisition complements BAPCOR’s existing specialist categories and complements the Opposite Lock business acquired in 2015. The company is expected to pay about $22 million for Roadsafe. Depending on its FY16 earnings, the acquisition may fetch a higher price.

Bapcor’s FY16 results have been positive and the company provided a positive outlook for the rest of 2017. The company expects its net profit to grow by 25% to 30% in FY17. It also expects to realize optimization savings from its former ANA businesses. However, Bapcor has not announced any additional acquisitions for now.

The company’s assets include trademarks acquired as a result of the business combination and software. In addition, deferred taxes, rights of use assets, and lease liabilities are excluded from the calculation of net tangible assets per share. The company is also working to develop and grow its international operations.

Burson Auto Parts has been a success story for over 50 years. Founded by Ron Burgoine and Andrew Schram, the company is now one of Australia’s leading trade suppliers of automotive parts, tools, and accessories.

Dayco marketing partnership

Dayco has expanded its marketing partnership with Burson auto parts, one of Australia’s largest distributors of auto parts. The two companies have grown together since the 1980s when the company had just eleven stores in Victoria. Today, the two companies have more than 175 locations in Australia and two in Thailand. This relationship has helped Dayco expand its product range to meet the needs of local drivers and consumers.

Dayco marketing director David McClurg oversaw the company’s local trade media PR program, trade show displays, and attraction strategy, ensuring the company’s brand was viewed as an industry leader. David also worked to support Dayco’s customer base in Australia. In addition, he attended every industry trade show and international trade fair.

In October of 2011, Dayco purchased Burson Auto Parts from Johnson. During this time, Garry Johnson remained the CEO and led the company’s growth. He was assisted by a small executive management team that included Andrew Schram, who served as Chief Operating Officer for the company.

Dayco has a strong presence in Australia’s automotive industry as an engine product and drive systems manufacturer and is a preferred solution provider for high-tech OE components. It recently partnered with BMW Motorrad to develop a customized final drive belt solution for the CE 04 electric scooter. The two companies aim to make a significant impact in the personal mobility segment.

Dayco is a leading supplier of engine parts and thermal management components. The partnership is based on a long-standing relationship between Dayco and Bapcor, and the company has enjoyed increasing revenues with the partnership.

50th anniversary celebrations

The 50th-anniversary celebrations will celebrate the history of Burson Auto Parts, which was founded by Garry Johnson. Since its beginning, the company has grown and evolved through the decades. Today, the business has grown into a leading supplier of automotive parts to the trade, with over 150 locations worldwide.

Today, Burson Auto Parts employs over 1,800 people, with nearly 30,000 trade customers and more than 1,000 suppliers. It is one of Australia’s largest and most respected trade suppliers. The company first began selling auto parts from the trunk of a car, and over the years, has built up a loyal following.

To mark its 50th anniversary, Burson Auto Parts is taking its celebrations beyond its retail locations. It has established a Museum of Vehicle Evolution in rural Shepparton, Victoria. This community-based not-for-profit enterprise has developed an exciting motoring heritage attraction for visitors. It has received significant funding from the Australian Federal Government, the Victorian State Government and the transport industry.

Burson Auto Parts has been a trusted trade supplier to the automotive industry for 50 years. With over 200 outlets and a dedicated website, the company has made itself a trusted partner for many automotive businesses. It is also a well-known sponsor of Top Fuel drag racing. The company’s 50th-anniversary logo can be seen on some of the company’s racing vehicles.

Burson Auto Parts is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021. Founded in Melbourne in 1958, it shares its Australian headquarters with Dayco, an industry leader in engine parts and drive systems. Together, they’ve expanded their product range by thousands of Dayco SKUs.

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