Russell & Bromley

Russell & Bromley

If you are looking for a handbag or a pair of shoes, you may want to check out Russell & Bromley. This British handbag and footwear retailer has 43 locations and 2 concessions across the United Kingdom. It is still owned and run by the Bromley family. The company has been in business for over 100 years and offers a wide range of stylish items at affordable prices.


Founder and CEO of TRAC Consulting, Russell Bromley has extensive experience in the life science research industry. His team works with nonprofit organizations to develop collaborative operating models and strategic research plans that align with the mission and unmet medical needs of patients. He has previously served as a chief operating officer of the Myelin Repair Foundation. Bromley has a degree in biochemistry from Rice University. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas.


If you’re looking for shoes, Russell & Bromley is one of the best. However, their staff can be cold and the decor is dated. Despite these shortcomings, they offer excellent quality shoes and handbags. You can find a huge range of women’s and men’s footwear as well as handbags, as well as a range of accessories. Russell & Bromley is open every day from Monday to Sunday.

Before you purchase anything from a Russell & Bromley online shop, you should check if the website is legitimate or not. You should avoid shopping from sites that have been hacked or have a malicious program installed on their website. Also, always beware of fraudulent and scam sites. This way, you can keep your personal details safe and avoid being duped by scams. In addition, there are 5 simple methods that you can use to determine whether a Russell & Bromley site is legitimate Click here if you want to know more about Russell & Bromley.


The luxury British footwear and handbag brand, Russell & Bromley, has been in business since 1873. The company’s two Bond Street stores are a must-visit if you’re in London. The company’s designs are iconic, from the Brewster loafer to the Charming Ballet Flat. You’ll also find a collection of bags and belts, as well as a loyalty program where you can earn points for every purchase. The brand also has stores in other major cities, but the Bond Street flagship is a must-see when in London.

Royal Russell’s ethos focuses on kindness and empathetic behavior, which is evident in its motto, “Non sibi sed omnibus”. The school encourages open heartedness and kindness in its students, which are encouraged and nurtured through the school’s traditions. Pupils are divided into Houses, which are led by Deputy Housemasters and experienced Housemasters. They are also placed in Tutor groups, which are made up of ten to twelve pupils. Tutors are responsible for the academic well-being of their small groups.

Chelsea boot

The Chelsea boot is one of the most classic styles of mens footwear and the Russell and Bromley Highline offers a contemporary update on this classic design. This lace-up ankle boot is made from soft calf leather with square-toe detailing and traditional pull tabs. The leather upper is complemented with contrasting elastic panels and a chunky rubber sole. These boots are made for everyday wear and pair well with tailored chinos or monochrome cashmere.

‘Keeble’ loafers

The ‘Keeble’ loafer by Russell & Bromley features a tassel on top of the toe. Made in Italy in a workshop specializing in the production of shoes, this loafer is a perfect bridge between casual and formal attire. The style is available in US sizes 10 and is in excellent condition.

Penny loafers can be paired with tailored trousers, a sport coat, or a casual suit. Penny loafers are often round, with minimal shaping near the waistline. They are also appropriate for everyday wear. However, if you prefer a classic look, these ‘Keeble’ loafers may not be for you.

Loafers come in a wide range of styles and materials. Loafers have a high vamp that sits higher on the foot than their low-vamp counterparts. The high vamps tend to elongate the shape of the foot and make the shoe look sleeker.


Collaborations between Russell and Bromley have taken on many forms over the years. The fashion and lifestyle brand has purchased various companies including Mondaine and F.Pinet to increase their product portfolio. It also acquired Lederer handbags. This move further increased the company’s global presence and gave it the capacity to expand beyond the UK.

Russell is a keen supporter of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) projects and has close links with local universities. His impressive career has included roles at the MOD, NPL, and ICL, as well as in Sweden. He also studied part-time for his first degree at Northwestern University and the University of Sheffield. After graduating, Russell set up an R&D facility for ICL’s Manufacturing Division and progressed to internal line management, before setting up an international Sub-contracting company.

Russell and Bromley is an iconic British family brand that embodies luxury and high fashion. The company is committed to using only the finest materials and craftsmanship in its designs. This means their products are both long-lasting and luxurious. Its collaborations include exclusive labels like Stuart Weitzman and Aquatalia.

Classic quality

The classic quality of Russell and Bromley shoes is unparalleled. The materials used are always excellent, the shapes elegant, and the styles are miles ahead of the rest of the high street. They are not cheap, but worth every penny. They are a staple on the shopping list, and every man and woman should own a pair.

This upscale retailer has a huge variety of footwear, including the iconic Brewster loafer. The collection also includes the Charming Ballet Flat and Dee Dry mid-heel bootie. Other styles include the Atta Bow and Albert Bow Trim Slip-On. Please visit here for any further details.

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